Energy as therapy

energy as therapy
water has a memory

In homeopathy the biological activity of a substance is transferred energetically to water. This vibrational treatment is one that works on a non-molecular basis, creating a specific energy field in the water that can be easily altered by ‘energy memory wiping’. Practitioners will advise their patients not to keep their remedy near a magnetic force or heat source but more subtle energy fields can be just as damaging.

The Italian physicist Emilio Del Giudice stated that “radiation fields of charged molecules create an interaction among the electric dipoles” of water molecules. This creates a permanent polarisation of the water, making the molecules coherent like the light waves in a laser. When a substance is almost endlessly diluted in water it leaves an energetic signature of that substance in the water that is the basis of a homeopathic treatment when tuned to the patient. But this is nonsense to most doctors.

Vibrational therapies such as homeopathy deal more with transferring frequency-specific energy patterns than any direct molecular effect. When diagnosed and chosen properly, the treatment gives the body specific energy information that helps its own healing capability. This approach remains completely unsupported by orthodox medicine.

Machines exist that transfer the energetic signature of a substance directly to water. They are considered illegal and some have been confiscated by the federal authorities that regulate such devices in U.S. making progression difficult in this field.

Vibrational treatments such as flower essences use the same idea of capturing the energy signature of a plant, as do many forms of aromatherapy, energised waters and massage oils. Sound, light, electromagnetism, crystals and colour are all being explored for their vibrational qualities in healing.

Many people are realising that the ‘life energy’ of the food we eat is more important than a host of rather more aesthetic features, such as the chemically-induced, regularity in size, shape, colour and convenience we find in our shops.

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