Patient Advocacy

patient advocacyHealth Services have identified that the needs of patients are central in 21st century medicine. ‘Patient advocacy’ is a term that describes this process that recognises the role of the patient in their own cure.

In alternative medicine, self-healing means first making a decision to take conscious control of a situation, maybe a ‘crisis’, and then making a shift in your emotions and vibrational orientation. Moving from a dis-eased state to a healing one, means leaving behind the old ways of thinking and the emotions that produced the need for the disease. If we use orthodox medicine to remove the ‘effects’ of the disease without changing the underlying patterns that caused it, the disease is likely to re-occur or ‘come out somewhere else’.

The ‘World Cancer Research Fund UK Expert Report: Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a global perspective’, suggests that as many as 100,000 cases of cancer could be prevented in the UK each year through healthy diet and lifestyle choices alone.

But we are creatures of habit and comfort and rarely change ourselves unless we have some incentive. With an established ‘nanny state’ in UK, combined with a lack of common education about health and ‘self-maintenance’, medicalisation is creeping into many aspects of life. Traditionally our doctors are respected and educated people who know more about our bodies than we do. If our body goes wrong it needs ‘medicine’ which is a highly specialised field.

Several factors are combining to make this ‘deference to authority’ concerning our bodies a dangerous choice. In other cultures where spirit and physic are still joined, such as China, people will actively try to increase their understanding of disease and seek out different treatments on different levels.

With chemical manufacturers producing many harmful rather than nutritional foods the onus has to be on us as individuals to make ‘healthy choices’ and read the labels at least. This would seem straightforward until we enter the world of dietary supplements. In the UK there are still many of these available (although legislation is changing this).

These supplements are not allowed to carry any information as to their use on their labels, which makes preventative self-medicating a problem for those who want to take responsibility for their own well being.

Although patient advocacy is an important move towards ‘self-healing’ it can only occur when the patient has real knowledge of the choices that are available.

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