Radiation from the sun is an increasing risk through the depleted ozone layer surrounding the Earth. Skin based cancers are becoming common. Radiation has increased many-fold in the modern world. There is little research done into the effects of any of the common radiating devices in our homes and workplaces. Research into the effects of background radiation from power lines, microwaves, mobile phones and their towers, computers and other sources indicates there are dangers, but these are largely ignored and the information is often suppressed.

Microwaves have been shown to alter the molecular structure of food and destroy essential amino acids in the process. They are so convenient we
have turned a deaf ear to this information. Research has also shown cause for concern with mobile phone radiation. The results of thousands
of tons of depleted uranium strewn over the various battlefields of the earth have yet to be seen, as is the results of the Fukushima disaster on our oceans.

Roger Coghill’s research shows that every living creature has a unique electromagnetic field and that any other fields can have an effect on it.

All living creatures emit electrical living fields. Scientists are only just starting to realise how important these are for well-being. Unfortunately as a result of modern technologies, we’re being increasingly exposed to all kinds of radiation that can disturb and weaken our electromagnetic fields. This interferes with and lowers our immunity.”

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