Suppression of Alternatives

suppression of alternativesOne factor holding up the development of new approaches to degenerative disease is vested interest. There is little motivation for industry or government to develop new testing methodologies for natural treatments such as bio-electrical, nutritional, herbal or plant based. With the emphasis of multi-national companies on developing drugs, there is little profit to be had from cures that are natural in origin or reasonably simple or accessible, because they cannot be patented and little profit can be made from something you can grow on your windowsill or in your garden.

Commercial companies involved in finding treatments for cancer and other diseases have a vested interest in never finding a cure that doesn’t involve expensive drugs or complex procedures they can monopolise. They have a vested interest in your disease.

For example, one early experimenter in the field of cancer and energy was called Royal Rife. He designed a high-resolution microscope capable of magnifying viruses, bacteria and cells up to 30,000 times. He was interested in how specific frequencies of electromagnetic energy influenced specific bacteria. He worked out the ‘Mortal Oscillation Rate’ (M.O.R.) of several types of bacteria. When he zapped them with the right vibratory resonance, they apparently died on the spot.

Rife used his microscope to observe the living activities of micro-organisms, (unlike medical research which often uses dead cells or micro-organisms). His theories of cancer causation were, and still are, controversial to orthodox medicine. He gave cancer a viral etiology by attributing its cause to a micro-organism known as ‘B.X.’, which he isolated from cancer tissues. Through further research he discovered the ‘fatal resonance frequency’ of B.X. and experimented on animals with induced tumours.

As long ago as 1934 he used the Rife Beam Ray in an experiment on 16 terminal cancer patients. They were exposed to the resonance for three minutes a day. 3 months later 14 of the 16 patients were pronounced cured by a staff of 5 medical doctors. This research was suppressed by medical authorities. A special laboratory built to study these discoveries burned to the ground. Rife was dragged through the American courts on trumped-up charges.

These days the use of electromagnetic therapies is heavily legislated, even for use on animals. It is almost impossible for individuals to legally experiment with electro-magnetics or the field of radionics in relation to modern disease. There are many such stories of suppression of alternative and natural treatments for cancer. Personal and professional character assassination, sabotage and legal proceedings are common plots.

Ridicule and accusations of ‘quackery’ or ‘charlatan’ are often leveled at anyone who challenges the authority of scientific medical research by promoting unscientific alternatives, even if they do seem to work. Due to this tunnel vision multiple treatments including alternative, complementary, natural or experimental research are too often marginalised by orthodox medicine.

Natural therapies are overlooked by scientific research because they contain too many variables to verify using their research methodology. Some alternative natural therapies, such as Gerson Therapy claim 80% or more success rates against cancer but these are unsubstantiated by mainstream research organisations or medical science.

A lot of research into alternative treatments that address every aspect of the disease takes place in secret. This is because practices that fall outside of standard medical practice and physicians who offer unconventional treatments may be open to the civil charge of malpractice.

Because of the nature of western medicine, research into modern diseases such as cancer is too often left to global interests who primarily seek new drugs. The primary drive to find new drugs is profit. Multinational, even global pharmaceutical industries do not exist to give us health, but to incorporate chemicals into everything possible at the highest price they can get.

The drug companies claim that their unique drugs are better, stronger, more targeted and safer than natural or simple sources. To some extent they are, but with one in four hospital beds in UK taken up by patients suffering from wrongly or over-prescribed drugs, they often have toxic side effects way in excess of the natural form for that drug.

The cancer field is controlled by the drug industry. Relatively few drug companies employ most of the cancer researchers. Drug company executives sit on the boards of major cancer centres and dominate major oncology organisations. Politics are at work in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the multinational dimension of drug companies, monopolies have formed that control our freedom of choice through legislation.

Scientific testing of new drugs is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. It can cost $500 million to get Federal Drugs Authority (FDA) approval for a new drug. Natural substances are stripped of all but their primary active ingredient, which often works better as part of a whole natural substance in the original plant. All drugs so far approved for cancer treatment have toxic side effects.

Regional health authorities in UK are going into debt – one of the main reasons is the expense of cancer drugs. There is increasing evidence that pharmaceutical industries may form ‘cartels’ to keep the price of drugs high.

This is a frightening scenario for anyone who becomes ill. But what worries me most is that it is the same chemical companies putting toxins in our food and in our environment, that are creating the treatments that supposedly cure us from the poisoning.

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