Water pollution

water and healthModern domestic mains water contains chlorine and other additives put there to kill bacteria. These chemicals cause the formation of large molecular clusters and change the nature of water. Chlorine is a human toxin that has direct links to some serious health problems.

Chlorinated water contains organochlorides, cancer-causing compounds called mutagens. Research shows that drinking chlorinated water can double your risk of developing bladder cancer and more than 50,000 people develop this cancer every year. Other studies have linked mutagens to increased rates of colon and rectal cancer.

The world’s oceans that have coped for so long with the poisons of our culture are changing. Finally they are ‘full’ and our toxins are creating toxic
algal blooms, destroying marine the life that isn’t already fished out, killing coral and devastating marine environments. With the ongoing disaster of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdown, toxic radioactivity is being added to everything we take from the oceans and the rain they make on the land.

Water is the life-blood of our planet and we too are mostly made of water. Due to the poisoning of the land, all of our ground water is tainted and finding pure water is now a problem everywhere – for those who can find it!

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